Influencer told she's 'what's wrong with girls' by man during gym workout

Influencer told she's 'what's wrong with girls' by man during gym workout

TikToker told she's 'what's wrong with girls' by man during gym workout


A young woman has gone viral after she was approached by a man at the gym and told she is "what's wrong with girls".

Gyms have been known as a place where some women can be made to feel uncomfortable. Whether it's being asked if you're still in school or having verbal abuse hurled at you, women are used to having problematic experiences whilst they work out.

And now TikTok is divided after another woman posted a video of her being harassed at the gym.

Madi Ruvee who uses the handle @yourfavouritedaughter2 posted a video on TikTok of her working out in the gym, appearing to do pulse squats, with the text overlay reading "this is why 2024 is unsafe for women..." A few seconds into the TikTok and a man approaches Ruvee saying, "yo what are you doing"

"My leg day warm up," Ruvee replies.

"No don't give me that bullish*t, I know you know what you're doing." The man says, to which Ruvee insists all she is doing is leg day warm-ups.

Eventually, the man tells Ruvee she is "what's wrong with girls" and not to "come to my gym and do this sh*t." Ruvee's phone is then kicked by the man, damaging it in the process.

In the caption Ruvee wrote "was he valid for this." And the comment section seemed divided to say the least.


was he valid for this 😭

"Have none of you heard of pulse squats???" Wrote one user. Whilst another chimed in saying: "Dude that's literally a stretch it's deep seated pulse squats usually people just stand still in that position but it can be harder to hold."

But some viewers thought otherwise, with a few siding with the man in the video.

"100 per cent valid, you was not stretching," read a top comment.

Another comment read: "Guys I just watched so many vids of what pulse squats look like and SHE WAS NOT DOING PULSE SQUATS!!!"

"Yes. Valid telling you to stop. Phone kick wasn't necessary tho," a further user wrote.

A vast majority of users argued that she wasn't doing pulse squats, but the man shouldn't have cared anyway.

"After looking at pulse squats, those were not pulse squats. But why did he care so much?" One user asked, adding, "I would've just ignored it cuz."

Similarly, another viewer wrote, "Even if they're not pulse squats what gives him the right to approach her like that."

Ruvee, who does make content for OnlyFans, responded to the comment that said the man was "100% valid."

She said: "So just because I do [OnlyFans] I'm not allowed to stretch at the gym? Because before I started [OnlyFans] I was doing that same stretch before every leg day."


Replying to @Mario Ochoa no one deserves to be harassed in public because of their job

"And also to all the girls saying that I deserved it, and all the people saying that I deserve to have my phone kicked, I deserve to be harassed in public because I was minding my own business in the smallest corner of the gym [...] It's really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and I was stretching."

In another TikTok, Ruvee claims that she was simply doing deep squats and adds: "I don't know why we have to sexualise everything."

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