YouTuber goes to IKEA and convinced everyone she was in Bali

YouTuber goes to IKEA and convinced everyone she was in Bali
Woman reveals her IKEA Billy Bookcase makeover!

"Don't believe everything you see on the internet," the saying goes. Now, one influencer has proven just how true that is by posing in an Ikea store and convincingly passing it off as Bali.

Natalia Taylor, who boasts over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube, took to her socials with a series of snaps captioned: "The Queen has arrived," along with the hashtag and location set to Bali.

Her photographer friend helped with the glamorous shots, which saw her sipping champagne, winding down in a lavish bathtub and ordering room service. All the while, the photographs were actually taken in an Ikea showroom.

For the most part, the "Bali" shoot had people convinced, with one writing: "Our Bali princess," and another adding: "She's really living her best life!"

It didn't take long for eagle-eyed followers to pick up on the finer details – such as the Ikea price tags.

"The Ikea tag was kind of a dead giveaway," one highlighted, while a second confessed: "I mean, I do my photoshoot in a fitting room sometimes!"

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Natalia later confessed to the prank in a YouTube video that's now been viewed over 2 million times.

"Life on the internet isn't always what it seems; especially in this day and age where it's so easy to pretend to be anyone you want to be," the influencer said.

"So many influencers have actually been caught in the act pretending to be at a destination when they really weren't; it's just either Photoshop, or it's not even them."

i FAKED a vacation at IKEA.www.youtube.com

"If you look close at some of the images, you'll be able to see little Ikea things in there," Natalia said. "Because I wanted to leave little easter eggs in there for any of my followers who are too smart for this challenge."

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