7 times Black Mirror predicted the future

7 times Black Mirror predicted the future
Black Mirror new trailer

Black Mirror is returning to our screens for a new series on June 15th - get hyped.

It has been four years since fans of the dystopian drama were last treated to a taste of the anthology TV series and 12 since it first aired in the UK so safe to say, its return has been long awaited.

But since it first graced our screens in 2011, a lot has changed in the world.

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Life has often imitated art and Black Mirror now seems less of a dystopia and more of a documentary.

Especially in these seven instances where the show was just a bit too on the nose...

1. PM has sex with a pig

In season one of the show, a kidnapper demands that the prime minister, Michael Callow, has sex with a pig on live television to secure the safe return of a British royal family member.

While this certainly did not happen in real life, it sounded a bit like Piggate - a claim that surfaced in 2015 that, during his university years, former prime minister David Cameron inserted his penis into a dead pig's mouth at a party.

2. People ride bikes for tokens

In another season two classic, Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker imagines a world where people ride stationary bikes for a virtual currency used to buy essentials.

Today in Paris's station Gare Du Nord, people can ride bikes to generate power to charge their phones while they wait for their trains.

3. AI versions of deceased loved ones

In season two episode Be Right Back, a woman brings her dead boyfriend back to life (kind of) by getting an android version of him, which learns his speech patterns by using his social media posts and online communications

Last year Amazon revealed an experimental Alexa feature that allows the app to mimic the voices of users' dead relatives.

Amazon prepare disturbing 'Black Mirror' Alexa

4. Joke politicians go viral

The Waldo Moment sees a satirical computer-animated bear become a politician.

Now we could resort to some rubbish satire of our own and say all the politicians we have in the House of Commons are no better than cartoon bears but that would be cheap.

What is the case is that joke candidates like Count Binface and other representatives from the Monster Raving Loony Party frequently outperform fringe candidates in by-elections that take place in the UK nowadays.

5. People rate their social interactions

In season three, an episode called Nosedive sees people rate all of their social interactions on a five-star scale which then go on to form a person's socioeconomic status.

This is quite similar to people rating each other on Uber and swiping across each other on dating apps like Hinge and Bumble if you ask us.

Black Mirror | Nosedive Featurette [HD] |

6. Tracking health through tablets

In Arkangel, a season four episode, Marie implants her three-year-old daughter with an Arkangel system which monitors her health, vision and hearing via a tablet computer.

It is not too dissimilar to the rise of Apple Watches and FitBits which people use to obsess over their resting heart rate, sleep score and step count.

7. The rise of dating apps

In Hang the DJ, people use an electronic device called "Coach" which chooses their partners and the duration of their relationship.

Nowadays there is always a new dating app every other week promising to find people love and happiness in different ways.

So it is safe to say Black Mirror really had its finger on the pulse when envisioning a not-too-distant future. We can't wait to see what phenomena the next few episodes will predict.

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