10 things that will freak you out on an existential level

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Do you ever just sit there and contemplate the big questions in life?

You know, why are we here? Is there life in the rest of the universe or is it only us? Will Cher ever release another song as good as 'Believe'?

Well, if you're a mini Plato in the offing, then this Reddit discussion on the freakiest of thoughts is for you.

1. Let's start with something 'light'.

2. Man, now that's deep.

3. Who among us hasn't thought this?

4. Slightly harrowing.

5. Boom! Here come the big guns.

6. Did someone slip something trippy into my coffee?

7. Ok, stop the ride, I want to get off.

8. On a lighter note.

9. Because, shoes.

10. Mind definitely blown. Goodnight.

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