Husband walks out on wife over £2,000 cocktail bill

Husband walks out on wife over £2,000 cocktail bill
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A woman was mortified to learn her cocktail cost a staggering £2,000 in a London hotel bar, forcing her husband to walk out.

Lynsey took to TikTok to recall the "cringe" encounter saying she ordered a cocktail called the '18 90'. The woman assumed the cost was £18.90 due to the design of the menu, not £1,890.

"When I discovered the cocktail I had ordered was £2,000, I showed my husband the receipt and he was furious at me," she said. "So he left the bar. Left me on my own to deal with it. And I said to the young guy behind the bar, ‘look I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was £1,890."

She later confirmed in the comments that the cocktail contained Cristal Champagne, a sprinkled gold leaf and 30-year-old whisky.

"A similar thing happened to us. My dad thought he was being funny and ordered the iron bru 1901 the waitress had no idea what that was and assumed it was 1 whiskey. This was a top-shelf whiskey that cost £££. My dad doesn’t even like whiskey," one person wrote.

Another said: "The issue is with the menu, the design and the print. If it’s not clear then you could contest it."

Meanwhile, a third added: "What scares me more than this situation is the behaviour of your husband, who left you alone in such a situation. I’m so sorry for You…"

After being inundated with questions from fellow TikTokers, Lynsey returned with a follow-up video.

She explained that the manager told her not to worry about it, as Lynsey tried to enjoy the remaining four days of her trip.

"My nerves were absolutely wrecked – if they asked me to pay for this cocktail, which I didn’t even enjoy because it was whisky based and I don’t like whisky – so I avoided the bar like the plague," she said.


Replying to @Caroline💕

One night she decided to revisit the bar where she saw the manager once again.

He told her the bartender had been sacked, to which Lynsey broke down and offered to pay the bill as it wasn't worth firing someone over.

Luckily, it turned out he was joking, but did say he gave him further training as staff are required to tell people the cost to avoid such misunderstandings.

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