Adam22 mocks Sean Evans over 'dating' adult star Melissa Stratton

Adam22 mocks Sean Evans over 'dating' adult star Melissa Stratton
Sean Evans and Amelia Dimoldenberg tease crossover interview
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YouTuber Adam22 has mocked Sean Evans on “dating” adult star Melissa Stratton in the most NSFW way.

Evans is known as the face of the YouTube talk show Hot Ones, where he interviews celebrities while they attempt to eat chicken wings that are covered in progressively spicier hot sauces.

Recently, he was pictured hanging around with the adult star Melissa Stratton, with rumours swirling that the pair are now a couple.

Celebrity gossip site Pop Crave shared a picture of the two together, sparking some rather obvious puns about him dating a “hot one”.

But the post also gained some attention from fellow YouTubers, including Adam22, whose real name is Adam Grandmaison. Adam22 has previously alleged he and his wife, Lena, had a threesome with Stratton.

He offered up his own mocking kind of congratulations on their apparent relationship, writing in a post on X/Twitter something that we can’t possibly repeat.

It’s fair to say people had some comments of their own to make about his post.

“I know he means this with all due respect and kindness, his version anyways, but this is the worst endorsement you could possibly ask for lmao,” one person argued.

Another called it, “the biggest backhanded smack I've seen on X”.

Someone else argued: “If Adam22 says this about your girl, you gotta focus on yourself champ.”

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