Bakery 'receives death threats' after sending Amber Heard a severed finger cake

Bakery 'receives death threats' after sending Amber Heard a severed finger cake
Bakery 'sends' Amber Heard a dessert box containing a severed finger cake ...

An Aussie bakery said they received death threats after sending Amber Heard a severed finger cake and a vodka bottle in a viral TikTok stunt.

Dessert Boxes confirmed that they sent the package to the Aquaman actress, saying they "expected" their received response because the clip "is the most talked-about thing on TikTok."

They told indy100: "We've received a lot of emails from fans overseas wanting to purchase from us and support us. We've also received emails from people threatening to kill us."

In the TikTok that garnered over half a million views, the bakery shared the contents with a text overlay: "We're sending Amber Heard a box!"

Inside lay a hand-shaped cake as they explained, "we cut off the finger with a vodka bottle," noting they "will throw that in for her too."

They joked that they kept the severed chunk of cake aside "to send to Johnny Depp."

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Hundreds of TikTokers slammed the bakery for the "tone deaf" clip, with one urging them to "read the room."

Another bluntly said: "No one's laughing."

"Where’s the funny? I can’t find it. Can someone help," a third user commented, while another concluded: "POV: how to go out of business."

A final user added: "I have a sense of humour, but that’s disgusting!"

However, when the viral clip reached Facebook – their reaction was quite the opposite.

"I would have loved to have seen her face," one Facebook user penned, "I think this is hilarious."

Another hit back and said: "I find it quite humorous and not tone deaf at all. The room was read and they are good!"

"The baker needs a Nobel peace prize for comedy," a third wrote.

The prank comes after Johnny Depp, 58, took to the stand and recounted his "grotesque" finger injury. On the sixth day of his $50 million (£38.2 million) defamation trial against his ex-wife, Depp detailed a 2015 trip to Australia. He alleged that Heard "hurled" a bottle at him, which resulted in the tip of his finger being sliced off.

Depp told the court that he was "probably the closest I've ever been" to having a nervous breakdown and recalled how his hand was left looking "like Vesuvius" as blood poured out.

Johnny Depp details the "grotesque" finger incident Getty Images

Heard began her testimony on 4 May and called the trial the most “painful” thing she’s ever gone through.

Heard described the early days of their relationship as "beautiful and strange" and declared how she had “fallen head over heels in love” with Depp.

Heard described multiple incidents in which the actor had allegedly been verbally and physically abusive towards her. This includes a "cavity search" for cocaine and threatening to break a woman's wrist for leaning on her.

Depp has consistently denied the allegation that he has been abusive.

The trial is expected to last around six weeks.

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