Weatherman named Andrew Tate hit with abuse intended for the controversial influencer

Weatherman named Andrew Tate hit with abuse intended for the controversial influencer
Andrew Tate takes part on TV travel show before becoming famous
Ultimate Traveller/Channel 4

Andrew Tate has made headlines recently after facing criticism for his "misogynistic" views and now has been permanently banned on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Given these recent developments, it's not the best time to be online if you share the same name as the controversial influencer, as one man called Andrew Tate found out after he received a barrage of abuse from people who mistakenly thought he was the former kickboxer and internet personality.

Andrew Tate, a weatherman for local TV station KLTV in Texas was using his Twitter to share the latest weather updates for Texans when one Twitter user replied calling him a "f***ing wife beater."

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The interaction soon went viral when another Twitter user Matt (@mattxiv) screenshotted the comment and wrote: "what a confusing time it must be for this random local weatherman named andrew tate."

The tweet has received over 212,0000 likes as people sympathised with the weatherman, as they called him a "poor guy" getting swept up in something that has nothing to do with him simply because he happened to have the same name.

Even Tate's former coworker vouched for him and noted the difference between him and other Andrew Tate, she tweeted: "YES! @AndrewTateKLTV the weatherman is my former coworker. He is a great!

"*not to be confused with TikTok and andr*w tate.*"

Though soon enough Andrew Tate (the weatherman) himself took to Twitter to differentiate himself from his name twin and hilariously used the "girlsplaining" or "girl bro" meme to really bring the message home.

"ANDREW TATE KLTV ("unfortunate weather reporter") IS NOT ANDREW TATE THE BOXER FROM TIKTOK," he tweeted.

The weatherman's tweet has received 30,000 likes and also pinned it to the top of his page just so newcomers to his profile are informed, and his response has gained him some new fans it seems.

Hopefully, Andrew Tate (the weatherman) can continue to report the weather in peace after this Twitter storm.

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