Diner stunned after being stung with 'rude' charge on restaurant bill

Diner stunned after being stung with 'rude' charge on restaurant bill
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People online are stunned to learn a diner was charged 'a**hole tax' on his food bill – but it's not all what it seems.

In a popular Reddit thread that racked up over 40,000 upvotes, the man claimed his "dinner receipt had a message" at the Oregan restaurant. A photo of the bill showed a seemingly innocent string of meals, followed by "You're an A**hole" with a $15 "fine".

Fellow users were quick to share their shock, with many hospitality workers expressing their interest in implementing the so-called fine into their workplace. "I wish we could charge customers for being a**holes. We would make so much money. People are garbage," one wrote.

Fortunately, the poster soon realised the mishap and clarified in the comments: "My wife and I went to a restaurant for her birthday and we both had cocktails. I completely forgot the name of the cocktail by the time the receipt came but its name was 'You’re an A**hole, Mr. Burton' lmao it definitely caught me by surprise".

Attention soon turned to the "fried chicken tit" listed as one of the couple's orders.

"'I'm intrigued by the fried chicken tit," one person wrote, while another reiterated: "I am more interested in seeing a picture of the Fried Chicken Tit."

According to the diner, it's simply the name of Westgate Bourbon Bar and Tap House's "fried chicken sandwich."

Their menu describes the meal as: "Breaded and fried DD chicken breast, havarti, lettuce, tomato, basil, mustard aioli, on a grilled ciabatta bun. yes. we said tit. ..from a chicken. go ahead. pretend you’re offended. I’m offended you’re offended."

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