Model makes $30k as a fake wife 'watching football without complaining'

Model makes $30k as a fake wife 'watching football without complaining'
Jam Press

A woman is raking in the cash as a so-called “surrogate wife” for married men online, saying she can perform tasks “like no other woman”.

Babi Palomas is an OnlyFans model who has gone viral in the past after revealing her former school teacher allegedly signed up to see her saucy snaps.

Originally from a small town near São Paulo, Brazil, the 24-year-old influencer has become a social media star with 110,000 followers on Instagram (@babipalomas). And she has plenty of male admirers, claiming she has begun offering a new service: acting as a “surrogate wife” – for the handsome price of $30,000 (£23,605).

Jam Press

"I do tasks that average wives often prefer to avoid, like watching a football match on television without complaining,” Babi told Jam Prime.

“With one client, I made dinner while accompanied on a call and we watched movies together. We then watched a football match, among other little things. They [these men] open up to me and tell me about their lives.

She continued: “In these conversations, I realised that many of the men who are married and have families feel lonely. “In fact, they miss having someone with whom they can share these 'masculine' activities with them, or even miss being pleased.”

Jam Press

The model says men also like her independence, like the fact she “can even change my own car tire”.

The model, who is single, says she loves playing her impromptu role but hopes to have a real-life partner and family of her own one day.

She said: "Actually, I dream of getting married one day, you know? I want to have my family. But while I don't have one, I train with my fans.

“I don't go to my fan’s house, my work is only online. I make 12-hour or 24-hour packages and talk to my client until I arrive at a good price for both of us.”

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