Barbados wants remote workers to move to the Caribbean island for a year – here's how to apply


The coronavirus lockdown has not been easy for many people whether you are attending to the sick, ill yourself, struggling with working from home or just missing the thrill of going on holiday.

Well, there is a cure for at least two of those things as, from today, Barbados is accepting applications for a new visa, which allows visitors to stay there for up to a year and work remotely if you please.

Meaning that if your company has agreed to WFH conditions for the next year you can pack up your bags and get the job done on the sunny island.

This comes after Barbados officially launched its 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp and earlier this month.

When can you start packing?

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If you are itching to relocate, or at least visit for a long period of time, or visit for multiple short periods of time over the next 12 months all you have to do is fill out a form and submit documents electronically.

As long as you have a passport-sized photo and a copy of the passport and birth certificate ready to upload, you are good.

You would also need to list any accompanying family members over the age of 18, according to the application process as detailed on the visa website. They must also include a list of any family members or dependents that would join them in Barbados, as well as proof of their relationship with them (such as marriage, birth, or adoption certificates), the website says.

Visa-holders will not have to pay Barbados Income Tax, according to the visa's website.

There’s one thing though. The website says that approved applicants will have to pay $2,000 for an individual visa, or $3,000 for a "family bundle”. If you have the spare cash lying around and the time to spare, what are you waiting for?

People are seriously considering it:

With much of the world working from home and unable to go on vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic, Barbados' new incentive lets people relocate to a popular destination and judging by the looks of Twitter people are already on the next plane out there.

Some house rules for travellers:

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According to a press release from Barbados Tourism Marketing, visitors from high-risk countries are "strongly encouraged" to take a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of their departure.

But if you happen to be coming from a country that has a low-risk status you can take the test up to a week before departure.

If you happened to have missed testing ahead of your arrival, you would need to quarantine for an estimated 48 hours until they receive the results.

Should you be unlucky enough to test positive you will be "placed in isolation where they will receive care from the Ministry of Health and Wellness," the same press release reads.

It adds that Barbados also offers excellent healthcare and good schools, for those who want to bring their families.

So who is going then?

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