Nando's customer finally realises how to get sauce out of the bottle

A TikTok clip of a barista slamming a customer who demanded a Starbucks menu drink in a local independent coffee shop has gone viral.

The clip was posted by TikToker Dean Redmond, who went on a rant about the “crazy regulars” from Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks who had been coming to the coffee shop he works at since the two shops closed.

Remond said: “Anyone who works at Dunkin’ or Starbucks has my sincerest apologies because we’ve been getting all of your crazy regulars since the place down the road is closed.”

The video continued with Redmond doing an impression of the woman who came “barreling through” in a huff as she was running late due to Starbucks being closed.

Redmond said: “She's like, ‘I’ll take an iced caramel nitro cold brew, add coconut milk.”

He explained to the customer that they don’t have nitro cold brew, as he believed that is just a Starbucks thing, and also informed her they don’t have coconut milk.

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Redmond said he offered the woman something similar made with oat milk, but when she tried it she insulted the drink.


and she ended up writing a review basically saying never to go here and to go to Starbucks #storytime #starbucks #dunkindonuts #fyp #karens

He continued: “I bring her this iced caramel coffee because we don’t have nitro cold brew, and she’s like ‘Ew. This coffee tastes watered down’.”

She asked him to remake the drink using espresso, but she complained it tasted “even more watered down”.

Instead, the woman ordered a hot drink and told the barista “they just do this so much better at Starbucks” when she tasted it.

Then, when she was billed for it she became angry that, unlike in Starbucks, she had been charged extra for non-dairy – Remond explained this is store policy.

The customer told Redmond she needed a “name to call” to complain about the situation, which he provided and the person on the other end confirmed that this is policy.

Remond alleged the customer tried to tell him that the person on the phone said they wouldn’t charge her, but he disagreed having overheard the whole conversation.

He continued: “She said, ‘Whatever. I don’t even want this and I’m only going to Starbucks from now on’.”

In the caption, Redmond wrote: “And she ended up writing a review basically saying never to go here and to go to Starbucks.”

Commenting on the video, another TikTok user wrote: “The funniest part is that they do charge extra for oat milk at The Buck.”

Another said: “you made her three drinks and charged her for one. people are so entitled.”

One person replied: “Starbucks worker here! Yes that sounds exactly like our regulars, so sorry.”

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