BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern turned an awkward story into an inspiring one when she gave a wonderfully humorous reply to misguided messages from her viewers.

After discussing the collapse of government outsourcing giant Carillion on the show, some people took to Twitter to congratulate McGovern for a pregnancy that doesn't exist. In response, she tweeted:

McGovern, who didn't seem at all fazed, dismissed the confused questions as part of her job, telling MailOnline:

I'd definitely be in the wrong job if I got offended by comments like that. Even my own auntie asked me once if I was pregnant after seeing me on the telly - that's just life on camera.Β 

I just decided to tweet a reply about it today because I'd had a run of a few celebratory tweets and I wanted to clarify I wasn't and get in there before my boss started arranging my maternity cover!

However, she added that the assumption is part of a wider trend.

What's been interesting though is all the messages I've had, showing you how many women it happens to on a daily basis.Β 

It's a pot belly, not a baby. Although, I'm thinking about naming mine now after all the attention it's getting.

Social media users - and fellow broadcast journalists - loved her response.

Many people related hard.

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