Belgian man, 87, parks in garage 6cm wider than his car – and the internet is in awe

Belgian man, 87, parks in garage 6cm wider than his car – and the internet is in awe

We’re told reaction times and spatial awareness start to deteriorate when you hit old age.

But a man from Belgium proved he still had awe-inspiring manoeuvring skills at the age of 87.

Eugene Breynaert spent six decades parking his 1.49 metre-wide red Fiat Panda into his 1.55 metre-wide garage.

That meant he had just 3cm wiggle-room on each side to get his vehicle in without damaging it.

And he did, every time.

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The pensioner became a national star after appearing on the light-hearted Dutch news show Man bijt hond (Man bites dog) in 2010 to discuss his technique.

His exit method was a particular highlight – making him an instant icon throughout the Flanders region.

But now he has come to the attention of admirers across the world after users on Twitter and Reddit posted a video of Breynaert at work.

The clip has now been watched more than 1.4 million times on Twitter alone, racking up more than 31,000 likes, with users sharing their awe at the 87-year-old’s unique talent.

Here are some of the best reactions:

Alas, Breynaert is no longer around to soak up the acclaim. He died in 2016, aged 93, HLN reports.

Still, he probably wouldn’t be too happy about all the attention, the news site points out.

Following theMan bijt hond sketch, and his new-found fame, he told an interview with De Standaard in 2010: "I want it to end.”

Despite the distractions, he continued to drive – and park – his trusty red sidekick till the end of his days.

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