The reviews of Binley Mega Chippy are the best thing on the internet

The reviews of Binley Mega Chippy are the best thing on the internet
Former royal chef reveals interesting way Queen likes her fish and chips
Darren McGrady, YouTube

For all its faults, the internet can be a truly wonderful place at times.

You may have been surprised to see the eyes of the world focusing on a small town on the outskirts of Coventry over the past few days – with the Binley Mega Chippy becoming everyone’s favourite new meme.

For some reason, and we’re still not exactly sure why, TikTok users are completely obsessed with the bog-standard looking fish and chip shop in Binley.

Perhaps it’s the incredible name, or the randomness of it all, but we’re obsessed with it and we’re not sure why.

It’s basically the most British viral thing we’ve ever seen, with all kinds of videos, songs and parody accounts springing up across social media.

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All of this has got us thinking – what’s their food actually like?

Well, judging by the comments from meme-loving diners, it’s a gastronomic powerhouse and single greatest dining establishment the world has ever seen.

The fact that they almost certainly haven’t eaten there themselves didn’t stop anyone commenting on the food and handing out a string of five star reviews.


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“Binley mega chippy gave my life meaning,” one wrote.

“Amazing, I got there and I've never had a meal like it gotta love the mega chippy,” another enthusiastic reviewer wrote.

“Amazing place, the culture and passion put into the chips give me a reason to life. I love Binley Mega Chippy,” one more wrote.

Things then took a turn for the strange in the reviews...

“Staff comforted me as I cried on the floor. 5 stars,” one said.

“Broke my favorite crocs on the way here,” another added.

Fair play.


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For the record, there was one review we found on the Restaurant Guru website posted years before it went viral which attests to its quality. It also shed more light on the place, and told us that the place only accepts cash – or at least it did when it was written four years ago.

“Binley Mega Chippy has to be one of the best I have tried in Coventry up to now. Friendly helpful staff and great food. Remember cash, no card payments there,” it said.

The venue opened up back in 2004, and it’s taken 18 years for the internet to fall in love with it.

A song all about the place has racked up more than 790,000 times in a few days, and there have been a number of parody accounts pop up too.

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