One of the most ‘annoying things’ on the entire planet just turned 20


Who's birthday is it, you ask?

Crazy Frog. He turned 20 today.

Picture:Picture: YouTube/screengrab

You remember Crazy Frog, right? The blue amphibian who irritated people all over the world for practically all of 2004 and 2005.

The story of Crazy Frog is as weird as the thing itself.

It goes like this: Student Daniel Malmedahl recorded the sound in 1997, in an attempt to create the sound of an internal combustion engine.

A Swedish TV channel discovered it after he put the sound on his website and he performed it on air.

Fast forward six years and another Swedish student, Erik Wernquist, gave the sound an animated frog.

And so, in 2003 Crazy Frog was born.

People can't believe how long it's been...

The sound was remixed into a song by Axel F.

WARNING: Listening to the following song will result in the tune lingering in your brain hours after you've switched it off.

You have been warned.

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