TikTok therapist reveals five secrets to long relationship

Just as we thought thirst traps had died, it turns out they've just changed location, making a move from Instagram to TikTok.

And now, there's a trend dedicated to the cause.

In a new TikTok trend making its way across the platform, people are recording themselves doing everyday activities before locking eyes with a stranger intended to be a love interest (i.e. the viewer).

The viral clips are set to a slowed-down version of the Olly Murs' and Demi Lovato's 'Up', 'I Never Meant to Break Your Heart.'

In one clip that's racked up a jaw-dropping 1.5 million likes, user @fabianxarnold penned: "POV: You called a company to cut the trees".

"Me and my sister looking through the window and hiding behind the curtain cause we got caught staring," one TikToker responded, while another reiterated: "This literally looks like a scene from a movie".

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I never meant to break your heart.

Another scenario saw a lifeguard (@sebbylaz) making eye contact with someone who needed help. "POV: I took your breathe away," he joked.


POV: I took you’re breathe away 🥵 #inevermeanttobreakyourheart #comedy #memes #flirting #pov

Titled "Boys next door", a third clip by @jacob_rtt showed the TikToker and his friends entering a lift. One by one, they gazed into the camera.


the boys next door #viral#fy#fyp#foryou#elevatorboys#trend

Those who weren't feeling the intense stares, put their own hilarious spin on the trend.

The parodies showed users acting like animals when they met their match, and generally making a mockery of the ick-worthy trend.

In a clip that's since garnered over 12.7 million views, @stinkyasher re-enacted a wolf during a hunt. "POV: we’re wolves and I make contact with you while on a hunt," he captioned the video.


bringing back my wolf era😩 (IB: @Awais)

Thousands of viewers were left in hysterics, with one writing: "IM LAUGHING SO HARD I CAN'T BREATHEEE."

Another quizzed: "why was the slo mo actually good…"

Meanwhile, another urged the TikToker to stop egging people on. "Nooo please don't make this trend come back," they pleaded.

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