Breckie Hill says shower video was leaked by her ex-boyfriend

Breckie Hill says shower video was leaked by her ex-boyfriend
NELK BOYS Rizz Breckie Hill, Katie Sigmond & Sara Saffari! | One Night with Steiny

Breckie Hill has claimed that her ex-boyfriend was responsible for leaking a shower video that went viral online.

TikTok star Breckie Hill has previously claimed that she has been the victim of malicious leaks of her private data three times, and has received phone calls from strangers after her mobile number was published online.

The leaks from her Snapchat became a topic of conversation on a recent podcast appearance, as the TikToker revealed someone had hacked her account.

Hill also claimed that a leaked shower video of her was released without her consent by her ex-boyfriend because he was angry that they broke up.

During an appearance on the One Night with Steiny podcast, Hill explained: “There was a video of me that was leaked, and like, my ex-boyfriend did it… because I broke up with him.”

She revealed that she has not spoken to her unnamed ex since the incident and claimed he is only in touch with Hill’s mother because she is taking him to court.

Dexerto reports that in a since-deleted TikTok, captioned “best day ever”, Hill wrote on the text overlay, “When I get the shower video taken down from every single site on the internet” as she danced in the video.

In another video about the seemingly unrelated Snapchat leaks, she wrote, “After three days of crying, I realized I’m not gonna let some guy who hacked my Snapchat ruin my life. Hopefully, this third time is the last”.

Reports suggest that Hill was working with a private investigator to try and uncover the identity of the person who hacked her Snapchat account.

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