The brilliant story of the 'other guy' in this iconic Olympics photo

Flickr / Ur Cameras ; Twitter / khayadlanaga

Two black American athletes made history with an act of silent protest almost fifty years ago.

You probably know the moment.

It is the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

As 'The 'Star-Spangled Banner' plays and medals are hung around athletes' necks, John Carlos and Tommie Smith raise their gloved fists in a protest that shook the world.

But you probably don't know the entire story behind the famous picture.

The bravery of the 'other guy' in the shot, silver-medal-winner Peter Norman, was long unnoticed.

When Norman learnt his of his competitors' plans of a show of unity and defiance, he helped them out.

Whilst Carlos and Smith lifted their fists, Norman had his own show of solidarity.

And it cost him.

But he continued to work for justice.

Smith and Carlos stayed by his side.

Some heroes are barely recognised in their time.

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