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A niche community on TikTok, using terms such as lineman, linewives and bucket bunnies, has garnered popularity on the platform – but what do they even mean?

The mainstream attention grew amid Hurricane Ian when linemen travelled to Florida to restore power, with TikTokers taking to the app to share the Tinder profiles of the workers.

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The three terms have since taken over the platform – and some people are completely lost.

Let's start with a Lineman...

Linemen and women generally work on outdoor installations and are the people who fix the electric wires to restore lost power.

Unsurprisingly, they're particularly busy during storm season and work for companies such as Florida Power & Light Company.

Linewives are the partners of the linemen.

What is a bucket bunny?

The Urban Dictionary describes a bucket bunny as: "a woman who hops from electrical lineman to lineman looking to have sex often not caring if the men are single or married."

“Bucket” refers to the lineman’s work truck that resembles a bucket.

Why have they suddenly become mainstream on TikTok?

Some TikTok users started to share an increase in linemen on dating apps due to travelling to Florida to fix their power.

However, the clips haven't gone down well with some fellow TikTokers, who claim to be the wives and partners of those men being shared.


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Referencing the Hunger Games, onepartner wrote: "I am a pipeline wife. We dealt with row h**s before TikTok."

"I stand with all the linemen’ wives as they prepare to take on the Florida bucket bunnies. Blue collar is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle."

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