Man decides not to rob store after recognising cashier
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Brits are the masters of small talk – so when one supermarket worker outed the nation for our cringe-worthy comments, we certainly felt the secondhand embarrassment.

TikTok user Holly Dixon (@hollydixon2112) took to the platform with the most common customer remarks that she hears "at least ten times a day" at Tesco.

She kickstarted the viral clip with a classic: "I only came in for one thing" – noting that they've basically loaded "the whole shop" into their shopping trolley.

Next up is the moment when an item fails to scan and Brits insist on breaking the silence with: "Oh, it's not scanning? It must be free!"

An unimpressed Holly wrote: "Absolutely not."

Lastly, while Holly is "happily chilling and counting down the minutes" until her shift is over, a customer would interrupt her moment of peace and say: "You look bored, let's give you something to do."

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Holly's candid TikTok racked over a staggering 140,000 views, with people unapologetically relating to the customer comments and apologising on behalf of their dads.

"Hold my hand up that I'm probably one of these people that say these things," one offender said, while another joked: "Hahaha, why do I relate to this so much."

Supermarket staff also joined in on the conversation with their own experiences, with one highlighting that "it's always 'I only came in for one thing.'"

A second shared, "Or they ask for a lottery ticket and then go the winning one would be good when you ask what one they want lollll."

While other customers have a grudge against the cost of plastic bags: "Or it's people moaning about bags being 20p."

Or perhaps, insisting their note is genuine: "I promise the note is real, freshly printed this morning."

Guilty as charged.

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