Channing Tatum surprises fan by sitting on her lap during Magic Mike show

Channing Tatum surprises fan by sitting on her lap during Magic Mike show
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A TikToker got perhaps the best birthday present imaginable.

Channing Tatum, on her lap.

TikToker Jessica Rose shared a clip titled “best birthday ever”, along with the on-screen text: “POV: Channing Tatum sits on your lap during Magic Mike Live.”

During a Magic Mike Live show, Channing Tatum strolled across the stage.

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The TikToker caught his eye, and he walked over to her and sat on the edge of the stage in front of her before migrating onto her lap.

Addressing the camera, he laughed: “Hi”.

The crowd went wild as he got everybody fired up for the show, before he gave the TikToker a hug.

Since posting the clip two days ago, it has received 1.4 million views, 354,000 likes and 6,000 comments.


best birthday ever #magicmikelive #channingtatum #22

In the comments, Jessica wrote: “Honestly the greatest night of my life. MM [Magic Mike] is so worth it (even if Channing doesn’t sit on your lap).”

She added that she had no idea he was there, he just popped out and came over to her.

In response to viewers who were picking their jaws up off the floor, she joked that she “was too in shock to notice what he smelled like, sorry ladies”.

One commenter wrote: “Are. you. KIDDING..... u win u win.”

Another joked: “If it wasn't for the camera, nobody would believe you!”

In another video, she shared clips of the performance along with message: “This is your sign to go and see Magic Mike Live in London.”

As if we needed to be convinced…

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