Woman claims that she sabotaged her parent's condoms and her mum got pregnant

Woman claims that she sabotaged her parent's condoms and her mum got pregnant

A woman has opened up about a secret she’s been keeping for 25 years after revealing she tampered with her parent’s birth control so she could get a baby sibling.

The wild story was revealed in a TikTok by a woman named Keely, whose shocking admission has since gone viral with almost 7 million views.

In the video, Keely admitted to poking holes in her parent’s condoms after finding them on their nightstand.

Text overlaying the clip revealed it was sister Sam’s birthday and Keely thought it time she knew she was “sort of responsible for your existence”.

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Keely explained: “When I was a little girl, me and my best friend were in my mum and dad’s bedroom. And I don’t know how she knew, [but] there were some shiny packets on the nightstand.

“And she said what they were and told me what they were used for. And then there was a needle laying beside the packet. Me and my friend poked lots of holes in the packets.

“Then, six months later, my mum told me she was pregnant and I was so happy, but years later my mum still says, ‘I don’t know how she happened. We were so careful.’"


@Sam Myrick I’m sort of responsible for your existence. #sister #fyp #sorrynotsorry

In the comments section, other TikTokers were left stunned by her revelation, with many saying they would never be brave enough to share that information.

“The way I would have taken that to the grave,” one TikToker commented.

Another wrote: “So your sister should thank you for her life. Literally.”

Someone else said: “The way I’d wait for the perfect age and time to present this information to my family…. Bravo.”

It was also suggested: “I hope you hold this over Sam’s head every time you need a favour.”

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