Cinema worker leaves people mortified after viral TikTok reveals what staff can actually see during films

Going to watch a film at the cinema can be expensive, especially when snacks and drinks are added.

Many will have snuck in their own nibbles to help keep costs down, probably believing that, once they are firmly in their seat, they are safe to tuck in.

But one cinema worker has revealed how staff have been able to watch the audience from behind the scenes the whole time.

In a viral clip posted by TikTok user @.no1headache, the worker showed that there is in fact a way for staff to see inside the screens and watch what the audiences are up to throughout the films.

The cinema employee, who appears to work at Vue, revealed that there are CCTV cameras that shoot inside the eight screens in the cinema.

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The TikTok is captioned “we see everything!” and has been viewed 16.5 million times on the social media platform.


we see everything! #foryoupage

In text over the video, they hinted at having literally seen everything, writing: “When people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty.”

Next, they zoomed in on the security footage showing live images of inside of the cinema screens.

In the comments, they also explained: “We also have night vision goggles so we’ve seen it all.”

People in the comments couldn’t believe they have been spied on for all these years.

One person wrote: “I’m just concerned because I’ve been throwing popcorn at the back of people’s heads for fun.”

Another said: “You’re telling me the time I snuck in a large pizza they’ve been watching me eat???”

Someone else was relieved, writing: “This is actually good to know in case of emergencies. I honestly had no idea, I thought you could get away with murder in there lol.”

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