Comedian’s Brian Cox parody is the best thing you’ll see today

Comedian Seán Burke has shared a hilarious parody of Professor Brian Cox - and the celebrity physicist responded in the best way.

The skit sees Burke don a mop of black hair, dress like “a cool substitute teacher” and imitate Cox’s dulcet tones.

Since Burke shared the video on Friday, it has racked up almost 4 million views on Twitter.

After sharing the video Burke tweeted Cox saying: “If you see this, please know it comes from a place of love. I made it because I watch everything you do. Please don’t have me fired into the sun as some sort of groundbreaking BBC live broadcast.”

It seems Burke will be safe enough as Cox enjoyed it and joked back that Burke could be his double.

Retweeting the video, Cox wrote: “I’ve found someone to do all the long lens staring at the sky shots on top of mountains for the next series. Nobody will notice.”

Fans of both Cox and Burke loved the video:

This isn’t the first time Burke has cracked us up with his witty sketches.

Another recent skit which received 1.9 million views poked fun at the types of adverts banks make:

We can’t wait to see what Burke does next!

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