Comedian imagines what would have happened if Juliet’s husband answered the door in THAT Love Actually scene

A comedian has hilariously reimagined what would have happened if it wasn’t Keira Knightley’s character who opened the door during the cue card scene in Love Actually.

The famous scene, which has since been branded as “creepy” by some, shows Love Actually character Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, silently declare his love for Knightley’s character Juliet via cue cards.

But there was a spanner in the works - in the film Juliet was married to Mark’s best friend Peter, portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

When lovesick Mark appeared on their doorstep in the film, he urged Juliet to tell Peter that it was just carol singers who knocked.

But what if it had been Peter who answered the door?

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In a hilarious retelling of the iconic scene, Horatio Gould shared a skit to TikTok imagining just that.

Horrified that his best friend answered the door, Mark asks Peter if his wife is in.

He quickly gets found out when Peter spots the “say it’s carol singers” card, before noticing the speakers on the doorstep.

Silent Night plays as Mark is forced to shuffle through the cards in front of a very confused Peter.


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The clip ends with Mark getting a door slammed in his face.

Although Juliet runs after Mark in the film and gives him a kiss, we’d imagine Peter would have wanted to give him a smack instead of a smacker...

This isn’t the first time the scene has been parodied. Hilariously, politicians previously drew inspiration from the 2003 film.

In 2019 Boris Johnson was accused of “stealing” Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan’s idea to recreate the scene.

At this point, we’re just going to stop answering the door.

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