Conspiracy theorists are convinced these Reebok sneakers are Satanic

Conspiracy theorists are convinced these Reebok sneakers are Satanic
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Some say that Reebok sneakers are fashion statements. Others, specifically conspiracy theorists, think they're demonic.

On social media, a conspiracy theory is running rampant, claiming that some new shoes released by Reebok are "Satanic."

In January, the company announced a collaboration with French luxury house brand Maison Margiela.

The shoe, called the Reebok Classic Leather Decortiqué Tabi Low, was apparently "inspired by decortique, a deconstruction of the shoe's core structure; the cut away leather panels create a modern cage-like form."

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The Instagram post didn't gain notoriety outside the shoe community at the time. But now, it has caught the attention of religious groups on Facebook this month.

One Facebook page called "Prophecy News" told its more than 635,700 followers that the almost year-old shoes were crafted to resemble the hoofed feet of Baphomet, a goat deity often accompanied by the occult.

The page, which believes the end of the world is close, warned its followers about the shoes.

"The rulers of this world show more and more openly and clearly who they worship. Make sure to open your eyes, and don't be caught up in their rituals," the 19 September Facebook post read.

Since then, Reebok's January Instagram post has been flooded with comments that believe the company worships and idolises the devil.

One Instagram comment read: "Satanic, no way will I ever wear those."

"This is so satanic!! My family will never buy another shoe from you," another added.

A third suggested: "For the people who have no clue why this is completely evil, look up Baphomet. Christians, don't be fooled, do not buy this shoe Or ANY Reebok shoe for now on."

The photos of the shoe also made their way to Twitter, where people also weren't comfortable with Reebok's collaboration.

However, the shoe's design really has nothing to do with anything occult-related.

As expressed in the name, the shoe is based on the traditional Japanese shoes known as Tabi.

The leather footwear, which is made from a single animal hide, can be traced back to the 15th century and are well known for a split between the big toe and the other toes.

Regardless of the perfectly rational explanation of the shoe's origins, DailyDot notes that Prophecy News declined to remove its post.

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