Employees At Elon Musk's Twitter Brace For Layoffs

Conservative political commentator and conspiracy theorist Dinesh D'Souza compared employees at Twitter to Nazis and said layoffs were "Nuremberg time."

D'Souza, 61, has purported conspiracy theories throughout his career like claiming former president Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Since Elon Musk first made a bid for Twitter earlier this year, D'Souza has supported him.

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No surprise that D'Souza also supports Musk laying off Twitter staff, as he believes they have been purposefully censoring right-wing opinions.

"Twitter employees signed up to be "good Nazis" and collaborate in enforcing a party line," D'Souza tweeted on Friday. "This was never about "hate speech," but about shutting down the political opposition."

"Now it's Nuremberg time and letting them go is a lenient way of dealing with these thugs #TwitterLayoffs."

The Nuremberg trials convicted Nazi leaders of crimes against humanity for carrying out the Holocaust and waging war.

The Twitter layoffs are part of Musk's ongoing transition to make Twitter a more profitable company.

Some people criticized D'Souza for inappropriately comparing the two.

D'Souza has never shied away from sharing outrageous opinions on Twitter. In the past, he has mocked survivors of the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting, downplayed the January 6th mob, and more.

The conspiracy theorist also tweeted that "it would be unfair" for Musk to lay off 75 percent of staff- advocating for him to lay off 100%.

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