This filmmaker perfectly parodied what a conference call from home is like

As many of us who are self-isolating because of coronavirus know, working from home has its perks: you can wear your pyjamas, and coffee is definitely cheaper.

But along with that come the inevitable conference and video calls, and a whole other set of office etiquette springs up. Filmmaker and creative HP Mendoza, based in Tokyo, posted a video on Twitter, parodying the way that conference calls usually play out.

In Mendoza’s video, he plays the four different people that you’re likely to find during a conference call when you’re working from home, including the person pointing out that there’s “a little bit of a lag”, and all the times when everyone talks over each other.

A Twitter user who replied to the original video pointed out that they may have missed out on another key character.

The growth of video conferencing has also generated new memes – like the fact that there’s an option in Zoom, the video conferencing software, to touch up your appearance without anyone else knowing. There’s a way to dress for the office too – even if you’re not in a physical workplace, and you can change the background in Zoom calls too.

Teleconferencing companies are seeing a surge in usage in the last week, as more and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home.

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