A cow in Brazil has become a viral sensation after it escaped being killed at a slaughterhouse by going to a waterpark and taking a ride down a waterslide.

In case you thought you were daydreaming: yes, that is a real sentence and it is something that actually happened. Allow us to explain.

This bizarre story reportedly hails from a cattle ranch around 500 miles west of Rio de Janeiro where our heroic bovine friend was pegged to be slaughtered.

However, the cow escaped its impending death by bolting from the ranch and taking sanctuary in a neighbouring water park.

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A cattle ranch and a water park seem like odd complexes to be next to each other, but here we are.

Anyway, like anyone would at a waterpark, the cow decided to enjoy itself and literally went for a slide down one of the waterslides.

In a footage shared on YouTube by Diário da Região - São José do Rio Preto, the cow can be seen slowly sliding down the chute.

The obviously distressed animal appears to be struggling to find its footing before deciding to sit down around three-quarters of the way down the slide, narrowly missing out on the big splash at the end, which is a shame but probably for the best.

At this point, you are probably wondering what happened to the cow and we are pleased to say that it is good news.

According to iHeart radio, the cow’s daring escape won over the owner of the cattle ranch who has since decided to keep the animal as a pet for life and has named it ‘Tobogã’ - the Portuguese word for ‘slide.’

The cow was actually lucky to make it back home as it reportedly weighs in at 700-pound which is way over the 450-pound limit that the slide can reportedly withstand. So great news for cow lovers and slide engineers, alike.

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