Croatians share mixed feelings on currency change

Currencies have been a sore point for the UK for a while.

We'd much rather not talk about it, given the fluctuating value of the pound over the past few years; rising and falling with Brexit talks and negotiations.

In 2016, the currency was one of the worst performing in the world, contrasting with a relatively solid year for the Euro.

The UK stands as one of the few countries on the continent that has yet to adopt the Euro as its currency.

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If you need to consult a handy map for European currencies, look no further than this guide to the Eurozone.

However, the US dollar has now hit parity with the Euro causing tons of Gen Z influencers to flock to Europe for cheap holidays, with Croatia looking set to be the latest country to adopt the currency.

However, Reddit has come through with a global map - although with a little more of a broad brush.

The map, made by a Reddit user and posted to a popular mapping subreddit, shows some of the currency families and shared names around the world:

The post also came with some notations and edits after commenters pointed out errors:

If you're curious as to how currencies get their name - most are named after Latin roots or after a specific weight.

Pound is obvious, Dinar comes from the Latin for denarius (a coin), whereas the Dollar comes from the Joachimsthal valley in the modern-day Czechia where silver was mined. The silver became known as Joachimsthaler, later shortened to Thaler, Daler and so on.

Krone/Krona comes from the Latin corona (meaning crown), while the Lira comes from the Latin libra (pound).

You can find out more here.

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