<p>The news reporter was live on air when the accident happened </p>

The news reporter was live on air when the accident happened

10 News

A TV news report left men around the world wincing - after a cyclist fell off his bike in the background and landed in a truly painful way.

10 News correspondent Anne-Marie Leonard was standing outside the charred remains of a factory in Perth, Australia, when the incident unfolded.

As she spoke on air about the roadblock surrounding the site, a cyclist could be seen entering the bottom right corner of the screen from behind her.

The man - who some on Reddit believed to be a teen - appeared to come to a sudden stop causing him to jerk forward off his bike.

But it was his landing that really made the internet tear up - because his nether-regions connected directly with the metal handlebars.

The unfortunate cyclist was seen clutching his crotch as he ended up bent double over his bike.

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He could then be seen gingerly pushing through the pain and continuing on his way, seeming to push off with his left foot.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted this, and zoomed-in videos circulated online of the upsetting moment.

Many people sympathised with the clumsy cyclist. One person on the Perth subreddit said: “Thoughts and prayers to the two little ones.”

The cyclist can be seen on the bottom left 10 News

But the conversation quickly escalated to truly upsetting levels, with one guy revealing details of a particularly nasty accident.

He wrote: “When I was 12 I tried doing a stoppy on a mountain bike, and I slammed into the handlebars so hard I tore my nuts open.”

He added that he still has the scar to prove it.

Others chimed in with their own tales of scrotal woe - one who discussed a painful incision caused by a flagpole fall, and another who spoke of their relief at being able to father children despite the trauma.

It’s been a banner year for brutal crashes that have been captured on viral video.

Back in May, a similar incident occurred when a selfie-taking cyclist crashed to the ground in the background of a TV news report.

And back in October, a cyclist smashed into an oblivious woman who was chatting on the phone at the finish line of a cycling race.

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