Guy pranks dad meeting The Chase star in airport

A dad has been left in a precarious situation as he discovered he used to date his son’s new girlfriend and may have fathered her child.

Most people want their parents to like their new partner, but one son was about to find out just how much his dad once liked his new girlfriend.

The father revealed in a post on Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest that he was planning to tell his son that he not only used to date his girlfriend, but that her child is the right age to have been conceived when they were together.

In the post, the anonymous 45-year-old explained that he began dating the woman, 35, two years ago but it ended due to him travelling a lot for work.

He confirmed that there had been no cheating involved, as his son only began dating her four months ago.

The woman, he explained, has a one and half year old son that he believes is “very likely” his child.

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He continued: “My son told me the father isn’t involved but hasn’t given any other details other than it’s just her raising the kid.

“I was the one to connect the dots as soon as I realized it was her. You can’t imagine how unbelievably awkward the first time meeting was.

“Thankfully it was with other family members around but she was just as freaked out as I was. This can’t be kept a secret though if this is my child I need to know.

“And as much as it pains me to put my son in this messed up position he needs to know too. He’s coming over later on so we could talk.

“I’m beyond nervous I really don’t even know where to start explaining something like this to him.”

The post has gathered almost 3,000 comments with other Reddit users sharing their thoughts and well-wishes for when he breaks the news.

One user wrote: “Man, that's not how I would've guessed this story would end. Good luck with breaking the news. Hopefully he takes the news as you intend.”

The father responded to the comment, writing: “I don’t expect him to react rationally. It’s such a messed up curve ball to throw right at him but I hope eventually he is able to understand this happened before they got together and can process the news in a healthy manner.”

Another said, honestly: “I’d never be able to cope with the fact that my girlfriend (or wife, dear god) had been f**ked by my dad…”

Someone else wrote: “Man. Good luck, OP. He has no reason to be mad at you for something you did years ago but he’ll likely be upset in general.

“There’s a bit of mindf**kery to process. I wish you the best.”

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