Insta Cart Driver Goes Viral After Sharing Emotional Delivery Story

A delivery driver who couldn't get past a customer's gate decided to launch the package across the yard - and people are divided.

The video, from Australia, was posted to Reddit with the caption: "Delivered with care, thanks AusPost."

In the security footage, a delivery driver approaches their home, realizes they're unable to get around a large metal fence, then chucks a package over the fence toward the home.

From the footage of the interaction, it is unclear if the delivery driver is from the Australian Postal service.

Who's at fault? People are divided. On one hand, the driver should not have thrown the package but on the other hand, the driver had no choice since the gate was closed and locked.

from australia

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Those who took the delivery driver's side believe the gate should have been unlocked or the customer's home should have been accessible to be handed off their package.

One person said: "I used to deliver for Woolies during my uni years. Electric gates can f*** off. Most people don't answer the buzzer on them, then you're stuck trying to get customer service to contact some muppet so they can press a single button and let you in. Meanwhile, your other 20 deliveries are now running late and you probably won't get a lunch break any more."

Another echoed other opinions, saying: "Posties can't do anything if you have a closed gate. Is he supposed to jump it and hope the gate wasn't keeping a dog in? The whole point of a gate is to keep people out of your property, so don't be surprised if it has the same effect on a postie."

But others argued for the homeowner's side, believing that the driver should not have thrown the package just because there was a gate.

"Should have put it in the letterbox, or if not put a card instead," one said.

It's unclear if anything inside the package is broken or what company the delivery driver works for.

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