Now even Gwyneth Paltrow has joined in the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rumours
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Goop, a wellness and lifestyle brand launched by Gwyneth Paltrow, posted an old picture of the actress with her ex Ben Affleck and muscled in on the nostalgia surrounding the actor’s love life.

The brand used the picture of the former couple as a meme to describe this season’s retrograde on the company’s Instagram feed.

The post comes after Affleck ended up back in the news rekindling a close friendship with Jennifer Lopez after her relationship with Alex Rodriguez ended recently.

The picture showed Paltrow sitting next to Affleck who appeared to be whispering something in her ear as she rolled her eyes.

Paltrow was labeled “Gemini szn [season]” and Affleck was labeled “mercury in retrograde.”

Paltrow commented on Goop’s meme, saying “Oh my god you guys.”

Paltrow met Affleck for the first time on the set of Shakespeare in Love where they dated for three years before splitting in 2000, according to Vanity Fair. The actress claimed that they remained friends afterward.

Diddy, known as Puff Daddy or Sean Combs, last week posted an old picture of himself with J-Lo with the hashtag #TBT (throwback).

The picture - which was reportedly shot by a paparazzi - showed Diddy holding hands with Lopez during the time they dated in the late 1990s.

The couple ended their relationship in 1999.

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