Is it appropriate to discuss politics on a date?

Is it appropriate to discuss politics on a date?
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The old-age belief that discussing money, religion and politics should be avoided in certain situations is seemingly changing, with many suggesting politics should openly be discussed when dating.

Francesca Johnston, behavioural scientist and co-founder of inclusion-led dating app Mattr, believes with the election imminent, society should take the time to understand how Gen Z approaches and engages with politics.

"In a society that's at its most politically divided, combined with our British avoidant tendencies, discussing politics has never been a more sensitive topic, so needs to be approached with caution," Johnston told Indy100.

Johnston suggested it's not always as simple as a "red vs blue debate," with more issues at play that may allow for compromise and flexibility.

"For others, there may be a strong preference that's a deal breaker," she said. "Discussing where the boundaries are early can be so beneficial for a relationship moving forward."

Discussing politics can be a sensitive topic, as it can reflect "how you view gender roles, family lifestyles & tradition, something that has been deeply ingrained since childhood and early experiences".

Johnston believes this can actually be an "interesting and exciting opportunity" to "understand someone on a deeper level and an opportunity to learn how someone else sees the world".

"It can be an opportunity to ask questions and understand where those values came from," she added.

She suggests that rather than viewing political views as a "red flag", it could open the door to "acceptance in people's differences", and ultimately "creating a more harmonious and balanced society".

"No one wants an echo chamber relationship," Johnston concluded. "Understanding and accepting people's differences can be an eye opener into someone's mind."

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