Dog owner given baffling warning about pet's medication

Dog owner given baffling warning about pet's medication
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A dog owner was left baffled by a warning label added to his dog’s medication bottle by the vet saying the dog shouldn’t operate heavy machinery.

Vets usually know what’s best when it comes to treating our pets, but the label on one medication bottle tickled lots of people as it warned that one of the side effects of the medication is drowsiness and that the dog should not “drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery”.

The owner didn’t elaborate on what the dog was being treated for, but they shared a picture of the drugs prescribed along with the caption: “The vet put a warning on my dog’s medicine for him not to operate heavy machinery or drive while affected.”

The post has been upvoted more than 35,000 times and Reddit users took the opportunity to crack dog-themed jokes, including about the show Paw Patrol.

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One person said: “If your dog isn’t running an excavator he’s not a real dog.”

Another joked: “My cat was on Gabapentin for seizures. It had no warnings on the pack.

“Let her borrow the car while I was working and she totalled it, I am now subject to huge insurance premiums because of this. Those warnings should be on all pet medication.”

Someone else wrote: “This is NOT the medicine of choice for the Paw Patrol.”

“Hows he supposed to drive to work?!” someone else asked.

One person added: “I'd interpret that to mean the vet believes it's OK for your dog to operate heavy machinery and drive a car when NOT taking the medicine.”

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