<p>This dog ambushed a high school relay race</p>

This dog ambushed a high school relay race


Don’t you hate it when someone steals your thunder? Well, that was absolutely the case for these high school athletes who were completely outdone by an adorable four-legged competitor during a running race.

In the video, we see teenagers taking place in the 4x200m relay at the Grizzle Invitational in in Logan, Utah. Suddenly, on the final lap, a dog appears out of nowhere and hits the track, running like the wind.

The dog, who was apparently on the sidelines with a family, then enthusiastically chases down the front runner, who has a sizeable lead over her competitors.

He pips everyone to the post – and eventually wins the race.

So, yeah, as we say, well and truly outdone. But it’s hard to stay mad at our furry friends, isn’t it?

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Here’s what happened:

And you can watch the full video here.

People on Twitter have been sharing and loving the video of the wee dog bursting onto the track.

A wild race, indeed.

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