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The Donalds are going head-to-head and there can only be one winner.

Fans of Donald Glover - all-round beloved musician, actor, writer and funny man - are overrunning spaces dedicated to fans of Donald Trump, president of the USA, 'shark obsessive' and one of the most consistently mocked men by everyone from the BBC to the the entirety of Twitter.

Now, Glover groupies are taking over r/thedonald, a Trump fan page on Reddit. At 16,000 subscribers, it is not the biggest pro-Trump subreddit - that title goes to the notorious r/The_Donald, with over 600,00 community members - but guess which page is next in sight for Glover fans?

The r/thedonald subreddit began as an offshoot from its larger namesake, acting as a back-up if the larger page went down (as controversial subreddits often do). Now, it has been taken over and its first pages are almost entirely filled with celebrations of Glover.

It's an entertaining read.

Another post claims proof that "the Donald colluded with Palestine". When you click on the link, you'll find a picture of Glover in Community with Palestinian-American character Abed Nadir.

Elsewhere, users have shared several photos of Donald Duck and various other Donalds. But the majority of top posts are rightfully dedicated to Glover himself, often taking a not-so-subtle dig at the president.

As someone wrote on the sub:

The sub has embraced its true purpose, celebrating the best Donald there is. He's beautiful. He's talented. He don't talk soft (that's that other guy). He's crass. He says whats on his mind. He rose from practically nothing. The great Don Glover. Amen.

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