Donald Trump's 'fingerprints' mocked following historic arrest

Donald Trump's 'fingerprints' mocked following historic arrest
Donald Trump arrested for fourth time

Donald Trump's 'fingerprints' have been mocked on social media following his arrest on Thursday and viral mugshot which birthed a thousand memes.

The former US president turned himself in to authorities in Fulton County, Georgia where he is facing charges of election interference in the aftermath of the 2020 vote, which saw the southern state vote for Joe Biden over Trump.

Trump, along with 18 others including his former lawyer Rudy Guiliani are facing numerous charges including conspiracy to replace public officials with fake ones and trying to influence officials to alter the results.

The already famous mugshot, which Trump is using to raise campaign funds, isn't the only body part of Trump to be mocked following his arrest.

Trump despite weighing 215 lbs and standing at a towering 6ft 3in, has always been mocked for his supposedly tiny hands. As a result memes claiming to show his fingerprints have gone viral although they are so minuscule it's hard to make out that they are anything more than just dots.

There were also jokes made about the fingertips being orange due to Trump's seemingly unnatural skin tone.

However, not all the memes were mocking Trump. Some of his supporters capitalised on this to show a handprint that was flipping a middle finger at the booking form.

Jokes aside Trump's trial date has been set but we'll have to wait a while for it to roll around as it has been set for March 4th 2024.

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