Woman hospitalised for three days after pet dog pooed in her mouth!
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A TikToker has opened up about how people can earn a staggering $180,000 (£141,438) – by donating their poo.

The alternative side hustle was brought to the platform's attention by TikTok user, @Isafidelino. "Get paid for something you do daily," she penned as the caption.

Apparently, she's onto something – and while it appears as though she hasn't signed up to do so herself, her newfound discovery sent TikTokers into a frenzy.

The viral clip explained: "Wanna make $ donating your [poop]? I’m not lying, 1. Go to HumanMicrobes.

"Click ‘Donors’. You can make $180,000 a year."

Inevitably, fellow users headed to the comments in a state of disbelief, with one sceptic believing it "had to be a scam."

One TikToker spoke on behalf of the platform, writing: "Ain't no way."

A second was considering their "new career prospect," while another was disappointed, claiming: "I applied like 9 months ago and haven't heard back at all."

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The website-in-question, HumanMicrobes, claimed that the vast majority of people in modern society are in poor health and have damaged gut microbiomes.

They aim to find the "0.1 per cent of people with healthy, unpertubed, disease-resistant microbiomes," to connect them with doctors, researchers, clinical trials, and individuals who need to re-balance their gut microbiome.

They explained: "In recent years, research into the microbiome has grown rapidly due to improvements in technology. It is now known that our gut microbiomes contribute to our health and traits as much as our genes."

While they're currently focused on the USA and Canada, they have said they're now open to donors from other countries and "willing to do global dry ice shipping if possible."

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