People think this photo of Donna Summer from 1979 looks like Kelly Rowland and the resemblance is uncanny

A magazine clipping from the 1970s showing a photo of the late singer Donna Summer has gone viral online, after Twitter users pointed out an “unbelievable” resemblance to former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland.

Craig Seymour, a music critic and podcaster from Florida, tweeted a snap of the ‘portrait of the month’ from Rona Barrett’s Hollywood – published in August 1979 - on Saturday.

Alongside a story questioning if Ms Summer - who was known for disco hits including “I feel love” and “Hot stuff” had “caught disco fever first”, the front page boasts stories about “YMCA” singers The Village People and whether they are “putting on an act”; what makes Rod Stewart “think he’s sexy” and “will disco give [Cher] a home”?

We ‘believe’ it did (sorry).

A day after Mr Seymour shared the photo, “Kelly Rowland” trended on Twitter.

Many considered Ms Summer and the “Commander” singer to look alike, with one person writing that the two celebrities are “twins”:

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Others have called for Ms Rowland to play Ms Summer (who died in 2012) in a biopic:

We guess it is something only she can decide but we’re certainly here for it.

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