Man left haunted by Dorito chip in the shape of a dead rat: 'New phobia unlocked'

Man left haunted by Dorito chip in the shape of a dead rat: 'New phobia unlocked'
TikTok user left haunted by Dorito chip in the shape of a ...

Mishappen bits of food are not uncommon, but one TikTok video left people baffled after a mysterious Doritos chip resembled something much more sinister.

In a viral clip, TikTok user Elliot (@elliotlovesxen) shared his strange discovery, which left over seven million viewers scratching their heads.

"Now what is that…" the video caption read – which was essentially the question on everyone's mind.

While the odd-looking mass appeared to be a burnt and malformed chip mingled in with other Doritos, some compared its appearance to a dead rat.


The TikTok was inundated with tens of thousands of creative guesses. Even the chip manufacturer turned their attention to the brow-raising clip, saying: "Hi there! We take these matters very seriously and would like to speak with you directly."

"Why do these things never happen to me," one user wrote. "Oh well get that lawsuit money."

"Sell it on eBay for billions," another said – and while many laughed off the comment, an Australian teenager racked over £50,000 after listing a "rare" puffy Dorito on eBay.

A third was disgusted by the discovery and declared "a new phobia unlocked."

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In a follow-up clip, Elliot gave viewers a closer inspection – and it very much resembled a burnt Dorito chip. However, users speculated whether it was the original Dorito.

"It's not even the same 'chip' as before," one theorised. "In the 1st video, it looked completely different."

Another quizzed the TikToker as to why it looked "totally different than in the original video."

In response, Elliot suggested it resulted from "poor lighting in his house," adding: "It's the same chip. it looks different cuz my flashlight is on, and in the 1st vid, it was covered."


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Indy100 reached out to PepsiCo, owner of Doritos, for comment.

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