Teen puts puffed up Dorito on eBay and racks up more than £51,000 in bids

<p>The inflated Dorito</p>

The inflated Dorito

@m0mmymilkerza/ TikTok

An Australian teen is set to rake it in after finding an inflated Dorito.

Posting on TikTok, the teenager shared the image of the puffed up Dorito which she had come across while eating a bag of crisps, and asked followers whether she should eat it or whether it was valuable.

After the clip went viral and one person commented suggesting she should sell it, she took aesthetic photos of the rare crisp and put it up on eBay for $0.99 just to see what would happen.

“This is just an experiment, we’re not taking this seriously, we just want to see what happens,” she told her followers in another video.

And what happened was surprising. In a follow up video, the girl revealed someone had bid $20,300 (£10,000) for the single crisp. She said she was surprised and was trying to stay calm in case someone retracted their bid.

Now, with four days left in the auction, it seems she needn’t have been nervous. The bidding, at the time of writing, now stands at a huge $95,100 (£51,000).

The price has been racked up by 65 bids from just 11 individuals who are eager to get a taste of the crisp. This is despite an average bag of Doritos – famously containing more than just the one crisp – costing less than £1.

Either people think a puffed up Dorito is cool, or someone in Australia is seriously hungry. Either way, this incident really proves that some people literally have more money than sense.

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