A man has won millions in compensation after he got very drunk then blamed the bar he was in, as you do.

Daniel Rawls from Texas filed a lawsuit and won $5.5 million after he got drunk, got into a fight in La Fogata Mexican Grill’s car park with another customer and sustained a head injury.

The incident took place in May 2019 and Rawls claimed it was the bar’s fault for letting both of the men leave together and for continuing to serve the man alcohol. He accused the owner of the restaurant, Lourdes Galindo, and an unknown bartender of negligence and also said they failed to call an ambulance.

Rawls got into a physical fight with Robert Henrickson, which he alleges caused him to sustain a head injury. According to the lawsuit, Rawls’ head injury was “serious and debilitating” and that it was caused not only by Henrickson, but by ‘an uneven parking lot’.

Rawls won the lawsuit due to a default judgement, meaning Galindo did not respond to the suit or attend the hearing.

Meanwhile, Andrews County jail records show that in February 2019 and May 2020, Rawls was arrested twice on charges of public intoxication.

While the Andrews County 109th District Court ruled in Rawls’ favour, the court did not rule on whether Rawls’ claims were true. The restaurant will have 30 days to appeal if it wants a retrial.

Not a bad way to win big.

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