Woman sparks debate after posting a fish through her ‘ex’s front door’

Woman sparks debate after posting a fish through her ‘ex’s front door’

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after admitting that her “toxic trait is that I post a raw fish through my ex’s letterbox every day.”

That’s not a metaphor - that’s literally what she did.

In the clip, which has now been viewed more than 3 million times, a TikTok user named Katie Beresford (@katieber5) walks up to what we presume is her ex-partner’s front door and casually slides a fish through the letterbox before walking off.

It’s no secret that a break-up can be pretty hard but this is definitely a unique way of getting revenge on an ex you might still be bitter at.

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Despite the video’s popularity on the app, it has sparked a debate as to whether this is actually a very good way at getting back at an ex.

The majority of people thought it was hilarious. “So many ppl hating but i think this is genuinely so funny,” replied one person.

A second wrote: “This is so funny go off girl.”

A third person said: “Why is everyone pressed I think this is hilarious.”

Others weren’t quite as convinced that it was so funny and might actually be of benefit to her ex or might be an inconvenience if his family don’t live there anymore.

“This would make me happy. Imagine getting free fish delivered to your house every day!” said one person.

Another person added: “But like, is it his place? Or his parents? Not cool to do that to then assuming it’s the latter.”

A third said: “Imagine they moved house without you knowing.”

However, it would appear that Beresford has played a little prank on all of us. In the top comment on the video, she says: “People that think I actually do this every day and it was actually my exes house.”

Someone else then questioned her: “Probably is. And all you’re doing is showing him you’re obsessed. He wins.”

She replied: “Like I said it wasn’t my ex it was a random house that I did it once.”

Well, that clears a few things up but something still seems a bit fishy...

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