F1 introduce ‘Brundle clause’ to stop stars snubbing grid interviews after viral Megan Thee Stallion gaffe

F1 introduce ‘Brundle clause’ to stop stars snubbing grid interviews after viral Megan Thee Stallion gaffe

The F1 has reportedly introduced the “Brundle clause” to stop stars snubbing grid interviews after an awkward encounter between rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Sky commentator Martin Brundle went viral.

As part of Brundle’s renowned pre-race grid walk segment ahead of last month’s United States Grand Prix in Texas, the former racing driver attempted to chat to Megan Thee Stallion, whose real name is Megan Pete.

He asked her for a “freestyle rap” and asked who she was supporting in the race before being batted away by her security guards.

One of the guards scolded Brundle, saying “you can’t do that”. Brundle fired back: “I can do that because I did.”

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On the same day, he also attempted to interview tennis legend Serena Williams but failed — twice.

Now, in a bid to combat stars snubbing Brundle, F1 bosses have reportedly introduced a “Brundle clause” which could mean celebrities are obliged to chat to the broadcaster while on the grid.

The change could also mean celebrities must not have bodyguards on the grid anymore.

Brundle told Sky Sports F1: “There have been new rules introduced, that any celebrities on the grid must not have bodyguards any longer.

“It must be the ‘Brundle clause’, and they’re obliged to talk to me. I sort of like it if they ignore me, to be honest.”

He added that he likes to “call out” celebrities who don’t have a genuine passion for the sport and are “just using the grid” while acknowledging the plight of F1 fans who yearn to be on the grid instead of the nonchalant celebrities.

He referred to the failed Megan interview as a “claim to fame”.

He said: “I get ignored by Megan Thee Stallion, I get biffed out of the way by a man mountain and then told off by a Malfoy lookalike who doubtless was on his first-ever time to a Formula 1 grid.”

After being aired by Megan, Brundle tweeted: “I have felt under pressure on the grid before but by people called Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Mansell, Piquet and so on.

“Bodyguards visiting the grid for the first time don’t bother me, everyone’s got a job to do, but they could maybe learn some manners and respect on our patch.”

Responding to the tweet, former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson said: “I think it’s hilarious and your response was bob on.”

A Liverpool Lib Dem councillor also responded, saying he used Brundle’s unbothered response to the encounter as “Monday motivation”.

Following the reports of the alleged “Brundle clause”, the man himself took to Twitter to clarify that he hasn’t personally asked for any grid protocol changes.

He wrote: “For the avoidance of doubt I don’t care who visits the F1 grid, the more the merrier.

“Talk to me, ignore me, shove, wave, hug, call me names, whatever makes you happy.

“All I ask is that you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the privilege. I’ve not asked for any grid protocol changes.”

Indy100 has contacted the F1 for comment.

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