Farmer sparks debate over how we should be storing our eggs in the fridge

Barely a few weeks go by where we learn something new about food and how we should be preparing it or storing it.

Previously, we’ve learned how to peel garlic or how we should actually be eating pineapple but now we are turning to eggs.

A farmer from the US state of Nebraska has sparked a debate after he claimed that we’ve been storing eggs in the fridge all wrong for seemingly decades.

Noah Young, who owns The Shiloh Farm, has boldly claimed that the so-called pointy end that we traditionally think of as the top of the egg should actually be the bottom of the egg when standing them up inside your fridge.

This is all to do with an air cell which is actually at the other end of the egg which keeps a lot of nasty things away from the delicious yolk.

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Young explains: “First things first, every egg has a pointy end and a blunt end and that blunt end actually has something called an air cell and this air cell actually acts as a buffer, keeping bacteria, such as Salmonella, away from the yolk.”

He adds: “If you store your eggs with the blunt side down, that air cell will eventually start to lift up with gravity, bringing the bacteria closer to the yolk. If you keep it pointy side down, that air sac will actually stay right at the top, and keep your egg fresh for longer.”

Young’s video has since gone viral and has been viewed more than two million times leaving many people baffled as to why this has remained a secret until now.

“So why do they sell us our eggs wrong?” one person wrote in reply. “Why are they the wrong way around when I buy them from the store?” said someone else echoing the sentiment.

Others thanked Young for the revelation. “Eggcelent tip” one said with a second person “I’m going to flip mine around right now.”

Some were just stunned at the number of new things that they keep learning from TikTok. “TikTok has shown me I do virtually everything wrong,” said one with another writing, “At this point, I don’t think I’m breathing right.”

“We learned this in school over 20 years ago in Norway,” said another which really screws with your head. Anyway, store the eggs however you want – but Noah’s advice might be worth considering.

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