Girl Talk: Are we going to have a hot girl summer?

You've heard of hot girl summer, you've heard of hot girl autumn, you've even heard of hot vax summer now get ready for... feral girl summer.

That's right, Gen Z has invented new lingo for the type of behavior they're looking to emulate this coming summer and it's feral.

Feral behavior means no longer caring about what you look like - ditch the makeup and trendy biker shorts and opt for your favorite sweatpants and no makeup. Why bother waking up at 7am to drink green juices when you can roll out of bed at 10am and get a Diet Coke?

It means doing what you want to do. Whether it's bumming around binging reality TV or going out and partying to your heart's desire, feral girl summer encourages everyone to tap into their innermost desires, healthy or not.

Some have branded feral girl summer also 'goblin mode' as well. Quick social media searches of 'goblin mode' and 'feral girl summer' bring up a plethora of people indulging in their favorite habits.

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Hot girl summer encouraged people to look and feel their best in the warmer months by enjoying life to its fullest. Paired with Megan Thee Stallion's 2019 hit Hot Girl Summer, it set people's confidence to a level 10.

Then the pandemic happened and hot girl summer round two had to take a break. But the following year, hot girl summer returned and rebranded with hot vax summer.

Hot vax summer encouraged people to look their best and feel their best by getting vaccinated against Covid-19. With a fresh dosage of Covid antibodies, people were more able to go out and have fun.

But now it's year three of the pandemic and people are tired of trying to look and feel their best with the odds stacked against them. So rather than investing in a healthy routine, they're indulging in their favorite bad habits.

"I have no interest in being "that girl" a feral girl spring/summer is upon us," TikToker @horrible.glitter said in a video.


#feralgirlsummer #thatgirl #aloyoga

The TikToker, like many other people on social media, is tired of living up to the social media health mentality. Watching videos of people cleaning their rooms, making healthy meals, and breaking bad habits can intimidating.

Nobody is perfect, so why pretend? Instead, embrace feral girl summer.

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