Louise Aubery is a fitness writer, vlogger and model.

She recently found fame for an Instagram post in which she showed how critical we can all be of our flaws.

Recently she's been taking time to attack gym wear.

Not literally - she's simply addressing the imbalance between men and women in attire.

She argues that men and women are subject to different unspoken laws, on the basis that men think a woman wearing less for mobility is a woman looking to attract attention.

She wrote in her post:

As I was doing my deadlifts in the crossfit room today, a girl I knew walked in.

She started practicing her pull ups. 

Counting her, we were 2 women and 5 men in the room. 

I saw her getting really sweaty as time passed, but she was keeping her long sleeves top on.

In the lockers, I saw she had a sport bra underneath. I kindly asked her : 'Why did you keep your top on while you were training ? It was so hot in the room !'

She hesitated, and answered : 'I do not feel comfortable anymore since a guy told me I wanted to show off my body'

Louise says the response angered her, and that women should feel entitled to wear sports bras in the gym.

EXCUZEEEE ME. I was so pissed off. I almost asked her which guy told her this so I could give him a little pep talk. So guys can train as they want but women would not have the right to work out in a sports bra ? .

HELL YES YOU CAN GIRL. Do not let anyone tell you how you should behave. Sports bra have been created FOR this purpose, so please, do not feel ashamed wearing it at the gym, especially when it is so warm. 

For your health, for you comfort, and even more simply for yourself.

Louise has 63,000 followers on Instagram and 2,000 YouTube subscribers.

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